Magntrac is a unique new product that makes the cleaning of wind turbines more efficient, environmentally friendly, safer and less expensive.

There are several traditional ways of cleaning wind turbines around the world – repelling and working from a hydraulic hoist being the most common forms of on site cleaning. From now on, a robot named Magntrac can do all the hard work for us. Magntrac can be attached to a wind turbine tower with a magnet and it moves itself upwards with catterpillars.

The front of the robot has a spinning brush, together with a nozzle for the cleaning fluid supply. It also has a build in camera, so the cleaning maintenance can be closely monitored from the ground. The machine runs on a 24-volt battery pack, which is powered by a 380-volt generator. On the machine there are attachment points for the water supply, and a cable for the camera control. Magntrac is secured with a 250 meter long steel cable, to prevent it from falling. The entire apparatus, including the water supply and the camera, can be completely controlled from the ground.

b Advantages Magntrac

In comparison to more traditional cleaning methods, the Magntrac has several advantages. Because there is no hydraulic hoist or permits needed, the costs are reduced with a minimum of 50% compared to cleaning with a 103 meter high hoist.

It is safer than repelling because the machine can be controlled from the ground and is safely attached to the wind turbine with a steel cable. The Magntrac robot can operate under bad weather conditions, and is therefore very efficient. Biodegradable fluids are used to clean wind turbines, making the robot an environmentally friendly solution.