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An introduction to Magntrac

Magntrac is a new and innovative concept for the cleaning of wind turbines around the world. It is our mission and firm commitment to lower the cleaning costs, as well as make the cleaning process safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Let us introduce Magntrac to you. The vehicle is attached to a wind turbine tower with a magnet and it moves itself with caterpillars. The machine can be completely controlled from the ground. There are many advantages to working with the Magntrac as compared to more traditional ways of cleaning wind turbines.

Our Promises to you

After testing the Magntrac thouroughly, we can promise you a sturdy machine that can clean one wind turbine per day for at least 5 years. The Magntrac is a less expensive, more efficient and environmentally friendly way of cleaning wind turbines. Magntrac’s many advantages make it an incredibly innovative and effective way of cleaning wind turbines. The future of wind turbine cleaning begins with Magntrac!

The design and specs

The design is of high quality and so are the materials. The Magntrac has a spinning brush on the front side, along with a nozzle for the supply of cleaning fluid. It also has a camera attached to it, so the cleaning maintenance can be closely followed from the ground. The machine runs on a 24-volt battery pack, that is charged by a 380 volt Generator. On the machine, there are attachment points for the water supply and a cable for the camera control. The Magntrac is secured with a 250 meter long steel cable, to prevent it from falling. It can be completely controlled from the ground, including water supply and camera control.

Unit Magntrac

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Our offer: customized options for every client

We offer different options for all your desires. The Magntrac packages are entirely customizable. The client can decide between the basic products or may choose to add on extended options. Below you will find some examples of our basic options, as well as extended options. We are happy cater to your exact wishes and needs. Feel free to contact for more information on the various options and possibilities.

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On top of all of this, Magntrac also offers training services. Extra training would be beneficial when it comes to operating the machine. We can offer all of your employees a training day in order to provide them with additional background on the robot, technical specifications, and how to control the Magntrac.